Imaging, Characterizing and Modelling Canada’s Geothermal Resources

The purpose of this project is to identify Canadian geothermal resources, characterize the reservoirs in which the resources are found, and model the thermodynamic and hydrogeologic processes that occur during geothermal resource exploitation.  Research is focused on the Alberta foothills, NE British Columbia, and the Tintina trench in the Yukon.  Activities in this project are sponsored both by local municipalities looking for pragmatic ways to exploit their geothermal resources, as well as geothermal developers looking to build Canada's first geothermal power plants.

Faculty and academic staff involved in this project include:

Martyn Unsworth (EAS/Physics): Exploration geophysics

Nick Harris (EAS): Reservoir characterization

Ben Rostron (EAS): Hydrogeologist

Victor Liu (MecE): Thermal modeling

Jonathan Banks (EAS): Geochemistry; cross-over with Project 2