Operational Decision Support for Smart Grids

This project was designed to produce practical solutions to the challenges facing the large scale deployment of renewable energy for electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, and energy consumers.

Modern energy systems provide a plethora of data (including data on generation, loads, weather and market conditions) that can be harnessed for the design, monitoring, and control of electric power grids. Under the Smart Grid (SG) framework, this data, with Information and Computing Technologies (ICT) can be used to enhance the reliability, efficiency, flexibility and resilience of power systems. In Future Energy Systems, an additional degree of complexity will be brought by mass introduction of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and storage devices.

We are working to devise an integrated program that addresses crucial aspects of smart grid operation such as the development of data-driven methods for coordination and control of distributed generators, storage and loads at the level of microgrids and distribution systems. Further, we are working on the formulation of operation strategies for energy storage systems at community and utility-scale to support various functions of future power systems, and advanced modeling and optimization of energy storage systems. The protection of microgrids and fault type classification in microgrids with integrated RES will also be studied and corresponding protection schemes for unbalanced short-circuit faults will be developed as well as an online, disturbance data based equipment health monitoring scheme.

Together these objectives will become part of an integrated decision support system that will increase the efficiency of energy generation and supply, strengthen grid reliability, and improve quality of power for customers.