Fluid/Rock Interactions in Canada’s Geothermal Systems

The purpose of this project is to understand physical and chemical interactions between geothermal fluids and geothermal reservoir rocks.  Geothermal fluids include hydrothermal water, basin brines and engineered geofluids such as captured supercritical CO2.  Reservoir rocks of interest are carbonates, sandstones and crystalline rocks.  Research will involve determining the kinetics of fluid/rock chemical reactions at reservoir conditions, the effects these reactions will have on the long term productivity of the reservoir, and the risks these reactions may pose to industrial infrastructure.

Faculty and academic staff involved in this project include:

Jonathan Banks (EAS): experimental geochemistry; geochemical modeling

Dan Alessi (EAS): Brine geochemistry; brine analytical chemistry

Ben Rostron (EAS): Flow modeling

Rick Chalaturnyk (CivE): Geomechanics; cross-over to CO2 theme