Asphaltene Behaviors and Models

One of the challenges for a feasible NAE process is that the final extracted bitumen product is free of water and mineral/clay solids so that it can be used as refinery feed.

This project is a systematic investigation of various asphaltene behaviors and models by combining quantitative intermolecular and surface force measurements and molecular dynamics simulations in NAE processes (e.g., nonaqueous extraction, solvent recovery and product cleaning) and in partially upgraded bitumen.

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Effect of Asphaltenes on Toluene/Water Interfacial Tension: Surfactant or Solute?
  • Adsorption kinetics of asphaltenes at oil/water interface: Effects of concentration and temperature
  • Asphaltene Behaviors and Models
  • Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Intermolecular Forces and Interfacial Science
  • Effect of Model Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds on the Coalescence of Water-in-Oil Emulsion Droplets
  • Probing the Surface Forces in Bitumen Extraction using a Bubble Probe AFM
  • Understanding the Interactions and Stability of Emulsions in the presence of Asphaltenes
  • Understanding the Interfacial Behaviors and Molecular Interaction Mechanisms of Asphaltenes Using Experimental and Theoretical Methods