There are 15 speed codes for each Research Project. Examples of eligible items(not inclusive) per the CFREF agreement are listed below;

  • VXX01 (Postdoctoral Fellows) - Postdoctoral Fellows compensation
  • VXX02 (Doctorate Students) - Doctorate or PhD students compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX03 (Master Students) - Master Students compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX04 (Bachelor Students) - Bachelor Students or Undergraduate Students compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX05 (Research Associates) - A person has completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship and is now being hired as an RA (TRAS Agreement). Compensation and Benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX06 (Research Technical Support) - Lab Technicians and other technical staff compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX07 (Research Admin Support) - Administrative Support staff compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • VXX08 (Professional & Technical Services) - Consulting fees for services linked to FES projects. 
  • VXX09 (Misc Compensation) - Honoraria, Research participant fees (to recruit subjects to participate in research)
  • VXX10 (Recruitment) - Cost associated to recruiting HQPs including relocation, subsistence and accommodation during relocation (< 4 days)
  • VXX11 (Travel) - Travel costs associated to research projects. Field work, research conferences, collaborative trips. Safety related expenses for field work (protective gear, immunizations, etc) fall into this category. For safety related items there must be a valid reason for the expense and this should be submitted with the claim.
  • VXX13 (Equipment/Supplies) - Lab User Fees, acquiring, operating and maintaining Research Equipment (<$300,000), extended warranties.
  • VXX14 (Computers/Communication) - Computers, tablets and other hardware/software. No Phones.
  • VXX15 (Dissemination/Networking) - Publishing, translation, dissemination material, holding a workshop or seminar.
  • VXX16 (Misc Expenses/Services) - Specialized courses, professional training, advertising job postings, hospitality - No Alcohol

For a full description and ineligible items please read the CFREF guide or contact us for further information. If you are unsure if an expense is eligible under the above speed codes please contact saleema khan (saleema@ualberta.ca).